Amazon UK says no more foie gras

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Praise from the animal rights world has been in full swing for the past 24 hours of UK’s decision to end the sale of foie gras on its website. Although the move has been supported by many, France has protested the decision against what they dub a “national” dish.

France on Monday voiced its criticism of the decision by Amazon to ban the sale of foie gras on its British website, following an animal rights campaign accusing producers of the delicacy of “very un-British” cruelty.

“I regret Amazon’s decision,” Guillaume Garot, France’s minister for agribusiness, told AFP.

“I once again want to point out the efforts made by French producers over the years to maintain real product quality while respecting the animal’s well-being,” he said.

The site, which on Monday added “foie gras” to a list of prohibited animal products including “whale, dolphin and shark parts”, would not…

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The Compassionate Vegan, part 1

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Stop throwing it in our faces. You’re so extreme. These are but a couple of the often used attacks toward vegans in today’s society. And vegans often respond angrily and with force, attempting to defend themselves from such attacks by going on the offensive, using virulent language and discourse that can alienate others who might have been willing to listen and hear about what it means to be vegan. With information moving at a swift pace due to the multitude of online websites, blogs and social media sites, it is time for vegans to get back to our roots: compassion.

The mainstream media has been moving, ever-slowly, toward a better language when discussing veganism and animal rights issues. While still not perfect – the “extremism” and “radical” rhetoric does find its way into print – this can be taken as a positive sign that modern society is changing and is…

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The Compassionate Vegan: Using the Media

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As vegans move from a tiny fraction of a fraction of a minority in the United States and other countries globally, it is an ideal moment to begin to reassert our lifestyle in a positive manner. Veganism is compassion; compassion for all living beings, humans included. When newspapers report on the “extremist” views of vegans, we do not need to respond with attacks, instead we should resort to a more honest and open discussion in order to achieve a better success rate.

Looking at the statistics globally, the rise in veganism is one of hope. Google revealed in May that searches for vegan on Google have doubled since 2011 in the UK , Germany, Israel and Romania. The vegan diet trend is now officially a worldwide trending phenomenon.

Vegfest UK , celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, ran a series of vegan festivals and exhibitions in the UK and have…

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Parliamentarians to go vegan to honor Gandhi’s birthday

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London – A number of Members of Parliament have told PETA that they will be going vegan for Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, 2 October, in honor of International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi, who was himself a strict vegetarian and wrote the book The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism, famously said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

“By promoting animal-free foods, these politicians are sending a powerful message to their constituents about the importance of non-violence towards all living beings – humans and other species alike”, says PETA Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. “If Gandhi were alive today, we’re sure that he’d be encouraged by the greatness of these public servants’ compassionate action.”

Indian politician Maneka Gandhi, who is backing PETA’s efforts, says, “The best way for individuals, government offices and businesses to honor Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is by not…

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