The Compassionate Vegan, part 1

Of Course Vegan

Stop throwing it in our faces. You’re so extreme. These are but a couple of the often used attacks toward vegans in today’s society. And vegans often respond angrily and with force, attempting to defend themselves from such attacks by going on the offensive, using virulent language and discourse that can alienate others who might have been willing to listen and hear about what it means to be vegan. With information moving at a swift pace due to the multitude of online websites, blogs and social media sites, it is time for vegans to get back to our roots: compassion.

The mainstream media has been moving, ever-slowly, toward a better language when discussing veganism and animal rights issues. While still not perfect – the “extremism” and “radical” rhetoric does find its way into print – this can be taken as a positive sign that modern society is changing and is…

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