Spain’s Image Tarnished as Politicians Vote to Protect Bullfighting Cruelty

Of Course Vegan

A coalition of 6 international animal welfare organizations has expressed its dismay at the decision by members of the Spanish Senate in favor of legislation that will see bullfighting promoted and protected by the State. The new law will recognize the cruel spectacle as cultural heritage and allow the use of public funds to sustain the industry despite substantial opposition from the Spanish public.

The Senate’s decision follows a vote by the Congress of Deputies in October which also supported the legislation. Despite politicians in both houses submitting amendments and speaking out against the cruelty of bullfighting, the legislation was adopted by 144 votes for, to 26 against, with 54 abstentions and will now become law.

The #LoveSpainHateBullfights coalition comprising CAS International, Humane Society International, League Against Cruel Sports, PETA, the platform Torture is not Culture and World Society for the Protection of Animals, releases the following statement:

“We are…

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