PETA’s new Thanksgiving ad upsets some

Of Course Vegan

PETA’s latest “Go Veg” campaign features a frowning mother slicing into a living bird as blood splatters on the faces and hands of her children, who watch in horror.

The advertisement will be posted on bus shelters in Harrisburg, according to ABC27. According to PETA’s estimate, around 45 million birds are killed annually around Thanksgiving. The birds are also fed loads of growth hormones to build up their weight before slaughter.

“Thanksgiving should really be a time for compassion and reflection and it just doesn’t make sense to celebrate a holiday like that with the rotting corpse of some bird who suffered in life and in death and as a center piece,” PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said.

The ad drew the usual criticism on PETA, with some people saying it is “too graphic for children.”

PETA admits to its shock value in tens of ads and has since its creation…

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