Cruelty Watch: Copenhagen zoo shoots dead healthy giraffe

Of Course Vegan

giraffe-marius-shot-story-top The reasons given by the Copenhagen Zoo administration are irrelevant. A healthy animal, already depraved of a natural life and the culture that is supposed to be given to such majestic animals, was shot and murdered because zoo officials felt that 2-year-old giraffe Marius could become involved in “inbreeding.” What happened at Copenhagen Zoo is part of the overall problems facing captivity across the globe. When a healthy living being is forcibly killed, for whatever reason, it should bring us to question once again a system that is continually claimed as saving animals and helping in conservation efforts.

It is plain to see that zoos are in a business and even healthy animals are expendable. Just shoot them dead and feed them to other animals – in this case, lions – for the public to watch and be in awe. This doesn’t even mention how far from a natural African…

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