Repost: Why My Kids Are Vegan

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Great recipes to enjoy with the kids. Great recipes to enjoy with the kids.

Feeding picky kiddos can be daunting — all the more so when they’re used to hot dogs and hamburgers, but your pantry’s stocked with chickpeas and quinoa! Whether your vegan kid has an omni-friend play-date, or your family has just gone vegan, or (like me) you sometimes find yourself cooking for nieces and nephews with fast-food palates, finding something everyone’s happy with can definitely be a challenge! After extensive R & D on this topic, I’m ready to report my findings. With a few kid-friendly kitchen strategies up your sleeve, you’ll be surprised how quickly omnivore kids can come to enjoy a vegan table!

Why It Matters

So what if they want a hot dog, you say? If my nephew is only at my house for the afternoon, or my niece is just visiting for a weekend sleepover, why not go…

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5 Horrifying Secrets The Dairy Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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The dairy industry sparks angry activists. The dairy industry sparks angry activists.

New research has shown that the dairy industry – which has been going full force into the commercial world in an attempt to shore up its drinkers – is one of the most secretive in the world and factories are rarely investigated or inspected, leaving animals to live in the most horrifying and painful ways.

TakePart ran a nice piece that looked at five facts that people probably don’t know about Dairy. Read with a glass of real “milk.”

1. Factories are only inspected once every 10 years.

Strapped for cash and tasked with the responsibility of regulating nearly everything Americans eat except meat and poultry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t have the dough or the bandwidth to do its job. In March, Dina ElBoghdady of The Washington Post reported that the FDA inspects the facilities it oversees about once every 10…

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RIP: Memorial being proposed for fallen turkeys, cows

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A PETA proposal has been launched for a memorial in Iowa and New York for a memorial dedicated to turkeys and cows. A PETA proposal has been launched for a memorial in Iowa and New York for a memorial dedicated to turkeys and cows.

In an effort to remember the millions of animals who have been slaughtered for human consumption as well as recent truck crashes that killed turkeys and cows in Iowa and New York, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is looking to erect memorials to the fallen victims.

It is part of the PETA’s overall goal of promoting a plant-based diet and help to make others aware of the dangers and horrors of animal production.

The animal rights group says on its website that it’s seeking permission to erect the temporary highway markers in Sioux City and just outside Albany.

The group says more than 500 turkeys died when a livestock truck crashed in Sioux City on April 12. Three days later, 11 cows died when…

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New York begins the end of “puppy mills”

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Puppy Mills could soon be a thing of the past in New York. (Photo: Animal Rescue Corps) Puppy Mills could soon be a thing of the past in New York. (Photo: Animal Rescue Corps)

Let it end. Animal rights groups are praising efforts in New York City that could see the end of the deplorable puppy mills that have come to represent the sale of dogs, cats and other animals in conditions that would make most people vomit. The animals are then sold to “customers” at local pet shops at a charge that is simply appalling.

But NYC is fighting back and dogs and cats can let out a bark or meow of relief after Council members Elizabeth Crowley and Corey Johnson introduced what is being dubbed the “puppy mill bill” that would prohibit the sale of dogs and cats bred in those “deplorable” conditions.

The bill also would extend the sterilization of animals to guinea pigs and rabbits, and require all pet shops in…

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UK presenter throws weight behind ending animal testing secrecy

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Animal testing just doesn't deliver results. Animal testing just doesn’t deliver results.

The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) has welcomed the support of nature TV presenter Chris Packham, as the Government today launches a public consultation on the repeal of the animal experiment ‘secrecy clause’, Section 24.

Packham said that “animal experiments have been carried out in the dark for too long. I support the NAVS campaign to end secret suffering in UK laboratories. Please help animals by answering the Government’s consultation and ask for the repeal of the Section 24 ‘secrecy clause’.”

NAVS Chief Executive Jan Creamer continued this sentiment by adding that “we are very pleased that Chris Packham has joined the NAVS to speak up for animals and for openness in animal experiments.”

It comes on the back of massive public support for the initiative that would see an end to the secrecy that current prevails in the testing community.

“There is overwhelming support…

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